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East West Publishing (Diwan Al-Masar)

Iraq - Baghdad 


Representative in Germany

West-Oestlicher Diwan e.V.

Giesebrechtstrasse 3

D-10629 Berlin


T: +49 (0)30-20 61 99 81

F: +49 (0)30-20 61 99 82




Amal Al-Jubouri


Arabic Press

Rasha Fadhil


Director Marketing

Eman Mohammed


Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Haase, Berlin

Prof. Dr. Katharina Mommsen, San Francisco

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Muenchen

Daniela Dahn, Berlin

Jon Lee Anderson, London & New York

Berit Schuck, Berlin


If you wish to submit your work to East West Publishing please send us, in the first instance, a two-page synopsis along with the first few chapters (max. thirty pages), and a table of contents. A reply should take 4 - 8 weeks. If you have a query after this time please write to the publisher giving details of your submission, including the title of the work and the date of despatch. Please do not send complete manuscripts unless requested to do so. A stamped addressed envelope (or international reply coupons) should be enclosed if you would like material returned. Please always keep a copy for yourself, as we do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of original material, and similarly never include the originals of photographs or artwork.