March 2012

International Book Fair Erbil (Iraq)

  EAST WEST DIWAN ALMASAR takes part in the Erbil International Book Fair. The publishing house showcases new publications of Arab poetry and philosophy as well as German-language literature translated into Arabic, i.e. Adorno's MINIMA MORALIA, translated by Dr. Néji Élounelli and shortlisted for this year's Shiekh Zayed translation award. On the occasion of the bookfair the publishing house also hosts several booksigning events and authors' talks. For inquiries regarding our BOOKS please browse through our webiste or contact us at:

December 18, 2009


IRAQ DAY - Berlin meets Baghdad in Beirut



7:15 pm - Opening Exhibition

Bagdad in the Eyes of a German Orientalist
The photos of the Exhibition were taken by the German Orientalist Peter Heine in Bagdad during the 60th of the last century. Location: Main Hall

7:30 pm -Opening

Opening speech by Prof. Dr. Haase, Vice-president of the Cultural Foundation East West Diwan and Director of the Islamic Museum Berlin. Location: Main Hall

7:45 pm -Film Screening

Documentary Film: Books in Iraq between two Occupations (Baghdad 2009, 15 min)
This film was produced by the East West Diwan and the Iraqi Satellite Channel al-Deyar in 2009. The film is directed by Ahmed al-Mashhadany on the idea of Amal al-Jubouri. Location: Main Hall

8:00 pm -Award Ceremony

West East Diwan Medal: Award Ceremony for the Lebanese author and translator Dr. Redwan as-Sayyed
The West East Diwan Medal is an honor for cultural creativity achievements and is given this year to Dr. Redwan as-Sayyed, it was also given the last years to the author and Nobel Prize winner Günther Grass as to the famous German Author Hans Magnus Enzensberger and other creative intellectuals. Location: Main Hall

8:30 pm - Poetry Lecture

Reading and lecture by the two winners of East West Diwan Poetry Award 2009 (dedicated to Mahmud Darwish), the Iraqi poets Marwan Adel and Hamed Mahmud ad-Dukhy. Location: Main Hall






December 17, 2009


Diwan Dialogue Series


6:00 pm - Booksigning Event with Ali Haddad

"The Days we used to play tricks" by the Iraqi novelist Ali Haddad has been published by East West Publishing Al-Masar. Location: Wing of East West Publishing Diwan Al-Masar, Hall Peel

7:00 pm - Presentation of the Diaries of King Ghazi

"The Diaries of King Ghazi" were edited by Judge Zuhair Qadum Abud and will be introduced by the Iraqi Historian Dr. Seyar al-Jamil and reviewed by the critic Dr. Abdel Ridda Ali. Location: Wing of East West Publishing Diwan Al-Masar, Hall Peel.

8:00 pm - Booksigning Event with Prof. Dr. Katharina Mommsen

"Goethe and the Arabic World" by the famous German Orientalist Katharina Mommsen. This edition presents for the first time the complete text of Katharina Mommsen's book, which was published partly in 1996 by Dar al-Ma’rifa Publishing House in Kuwait. East West Publishing Diwan al-Masar proudly presents the publication of the full original text and the foreword edited by the Iraqi poet Hamed Mahmud Dukhy and translated by Adnan Abbas. Location: Wing of East West Publishing Diwan Al-Masar, Hall Peel.





16, 2009

Day of Culture: United Arab Emirates


6:00 pm - Film Screening

Diwan Dubai, 2008 (Documentary Film)

The film documents the German -Arab meeting at Abu Dhabi and is a produced by the Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation in cooperation with East West Diwan Cultural Organization.

8:00 pm - Booklaunch Event

An Anthology of modern United Arab Emirates Poetry. Presented by the famous Iraqi Poet Hamed Qasim.


December 15, 2009


Diwan Dialogue Series


5:00 pm - Book Signing Event

"Biography of an Evil Woman" by Eman Mohammed (Iraq/Germany). Location: Wing of East West Publishing Diwan Al-Masar.

6:00 pm - Opening Art Exhibition (Film Screening)

Artbook: The Incantationmaker by the Iraqi Painter and Author Naser Mounes (Great Britain/Netherlands). The film is a short movie about Naser Mounes art works. Location: Wing of East West Publishing Diwan Al-Masar, Hall Peel.