Krueger, Al-Kumidiya al-turiniya

Al-Kumidiya al-turiniya (The Executor)

Michael Krüger

"Following the sudden death of his best friend, the narrator of The Executor is called to Turin to resolve the will and literary estate of this famous writer and professor. It is a considerable undertaking, as Rudolf had amassed not only a rather extensive collection of house pets (a goose, several ducks, tortoises, and a peacock—to say nothing of Caesar, the old dog), but also a voluminous library of books and research materials. Somewhere under this mountain of papers lies Rudolf’s magnum opus, a work so great that the writer maintained it would be the Òworld’s last novel.Ó But the narrator has other obstacles to overcome: The trio of women Rudolf left behind—the widow, the secretary, and the lover—are all looking for something the narrator isn’t sure he can give. If he had known what awaited him in Turin, would he ever have gone?" Harcour, Synopsis

"(A) fine and thought-provoking entertainment for anyone who ever has taken their reading seriously or idolized an author -- however privately. This is a book that not only lives up to its subtitle but also reminds us that between the dramatic poles of slapstick and black comedy is a broad, gray area where the absurd holds unsettling sway." - Tim Rutten, The Los Angeles Times

"There are matters here deeper than the complicated love relationships and unhappy fates of a couple of littérateurs and their women. (...) The Executor is soaked in a sense of shame and shaming futility." - John Banville, The New York Review of Books 

Michael Krüger: Al-Kumidiya al-turiniya (Turiner Komödie)
Orignal edition: Suhrkamp, Frankfurt, 2001. Translated from the German original: Fatima Abd El-Hadi
191 Pages, Softcover, 6,- USD. ISBN 978-9953-87-533-0