Rudi Paret, Muhammad wal-Qur�an

Mohammed und der Koran (Arabic edition)

Rudi Paret

This groundbreaking work of German-based Islamic studies gives a short, concise and intelligible introduction to the life and work of the prophet of Islam and provides access to the Koran. The work is characterized by a scientific approach, a distanced clarity in the representation. The renowned Islamic scholar Rudi Paret (1901 - 1983) represents the Prophet Mohammed in this book as a man and as a founder of the Islamic religion and describes with care the historical and socio-cultural background of his appearance in the Mecca of the seventh century. The Arabic edition provides an insight into the academic discourse on Islam in Germany.

Rudi Paret: Muhammad wal-Qur’an (Mohammed und der Koran)
Original edition: Kohlhammer, Stuttgart, 1971. Translated from the German original: Ridwan al-Sayyed.
288 pages, paperback, 3,- USD - sold out. ISBN 978-9953-87-534-7