Grabner-Haider, Falsafat thaqafat al-alam

Falsafat thaqafat al-'alam

Anton Grabner-Haider

This book is the first translation of the profound study “The Philosophy of World Civilizations” written by Anton Grabner-Haider  into Arabic. Professor George Kattoura’s translation has been a project by the West East Diwan cultural association in Berlin in cooperation with the Muhammad Bin Rashid Maktoum in Dubai. “Philosophy of World Civilizations” gives the reader a wide perspective on Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Chinese, Buddhist and other important Philosophies in the world.


Anton Grabner-Haider: Falsafat thaqafat al-’alam (Philosophie der Weltkulturen)
Original edition: Marix Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2006. Translated from German: Georges Boutros Kattoura
East West Diwan Al-Masar, Baghdad 2010. 479 Pages, Size 21,5×14, Softcover. ISBN 978-9948-15-213-2
Price 14,- USD