Al-Jubouri / Hartung, Qe'ran Al-Eshq Wa Al-Kheyana

Qe'ran Al-Eshq Wa Al-Kheyana (Anthology of Contemporary German Poetry)

Edited by Amal Al-Jubouri, Harald Hartung

The German (culture) has an independent personality, its poetry is not less independent. The selected poems thus don't represent one tradition or one group. The poet transgresses the semantics of the common language and goes - just like an alchimist, explorer or magician - from the hidden to the laboratorium of transmutations where the understanding (or the illusion of it) resides.

Amal Al-Jubouri, Harald Hartung (eds.): Qe'ran Al-Eshq Wa Al-Kheyana
Translated from German: Amal-Al-Jubouri
East West - Diwan Almasar 2009. Softcover, 208 Pages. ISBN 978-9948-15-206-4
12,- USD