Schulze, Shahrazad

Akhawat Shehrazad

Edited by Ursula Schulze

The collection of European short stories contains fairy tales of the French Rococo, tales by Bettine von Arnim and her family and short stories of the 20th Century by writers such as Selma Lagerlöf, Christine Nöstlinger, Ingeborg Bachmann and Marie Luise Kaschnitz: Many of the most beautiful fairy tales of world literature come from women. Like their sister Scheherazade they tell wonderful and mysterious stories in which love and loyalty help tp overcome the evil forces with a magic beat.

The editor, Ursula Schulze, is a professor of German literature at the Free University of Berlin. Among her publications is a successful edition of the "Nibelungenlied" and other works of medieval literature, but Schhulze has also published anthologies of contemporary European literature, among them a collection of stories from the "Thousand and One Nights".

Ursule Schulze (ed.): Akhawat Shehrazad (Scheherazade's Sisters)
Original edition: Artemis & Winkler Verlag, München, 2003. Translated from German: Tarek Haider Ibrahim Al-Ani.
East West-Diwan Al-Masar Publishing, 2009, 214 Pages, Softcover, 8,- USD. ISBN 978-9953-87-535-4.