Mason, Haithu jeltaki al nahran

Haithu jeltaki al nahran (Where the rivers meet)

Herbert Mason

The American poet and writer Herbert Mason tells the story of a fictional meeting between him and the great Iraqi poet As-Sayab. The reader discovers a different side of this poet, his philosophy regarding life and death, love and hate, loss and new discoveries. Mason writes in this biographic novel about his first journey to the Arabic world and his discovery of its rich culture. The book has been translated by the Iraqi author Amal Al-Jubouri.

Herbert Mason: Haithu jeltaki al nahran (Where the rivers meet)
Translated from English: Amal Al Jubouri
East West Diwan Al-Masar, Baghdad 2009. 98 Pages,  Size 21,5×14, Softcover. Number of Iraqi Library 616
Price $ 8,-