Enzensberger, Schreckensmaenner

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Schreckens Maenner

A local phenomenon at the beginning of the twenty-first century, Islamic terrorism is today a global phenomenon that is difficult to get under control and can no longer be considered a random problem. Therefore intellectual have started to discuss the origins of terrorism, particularly in the West, trying to understand terrorism on all levels: on the one hand as a psychological, social and historical movement, on the other as a religious and political weapon.
The German poet and thinker Hans Magnus Enzensberger has contributed to this discussion with a booklet entitled “Schreckens Maenner”, trying to explain the terrorist as a “loser” from a psychological, social and historical point of view. According to Enzensberger terrorism can be understood as a reaction of the “other” or, to be more precise, the Eastern Muslim, when suffering from faliure and defeat. Enzensberger's culture critical essay on terrorism was widely discussed when it first appeared in German magazines and newspapers. It was not available in Arabic until now.

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