Mahmoud Saeed, A hole in the sky

Mahmoud Saeed

A hole in the sky

Paperback, size 16/14

10,- USD

East West Publishing 2012.

Publication of the Arabic original.

With this novel - “A hole in the galaxy” - the Iraqi writer Mahmoud Saeed reappears on the literary scene from which he had been banned for so long. Prevented from publishing in Iraq since 1963, the ban was broken by decorating Saeed with an important literary award, recalling the important position he had in the Arab literary scene, and the world. Alqash and the Iraqi critic Dr. Saleh wrote about this novel:

"Like most novels by Mahmoud Said - and like most of his short stories - “A hole in the galaxy” condemns the war and its effects on the peoples, forcing them to take opposing sides and turning them into enemies against their will. It celebrates life and its triumph over human savagery and destruction.”