Mommsen, Goethe wal-alam al-arabiy

Goethe wal-’alam al-’arabiy

Katharina Mommsen

This standard work on the influence of Islam on the German writer Goethe will be published this fall.

"For decades, Katharina Mommsen has studied the influence of Islam on Goethe's life and work and has often made surprising findings which provide the reader with new persepctives on Goethe's work. In 1988, Mommsen published an overall presentation of her research - "Goethe and the Arab world" - which has now become a standard work." (Peter-Anton von Arnim in his afterword to the German paperback edition)
Katharina Mommsen: Goethe wal-’alam al-’arabiy (Goethe und die arabische Welt)
Orignal edition: Insel, Frankfurt, 1988. Translated from German: Adnan Abbas.
East West Publishing, 2009, ca. 650 Pages, Softcover, 12,- USD. ISBN 978-9948-15-211-8