East West Publishing
About Us
East West Publishing was founded under the name Dar Al-Masar in Baghdad in 1989, with the mission to introduce works of international literature into the Iraqi literary scene. The first publishing program included works by Samuel Beckett, Kazantzaki and Ali Abdel Ameer among others. In 1995 the publishing house was forced to stop its acivities because of the economic embargo imposed on Iraq in 1990. In 2004 it was reopened in Baghdad and Berlin joining forces with the West-Östlicher Diwan e.V. , a Berlin-based non-profit cultural organization. Today you find the publishing house under the name East West Publishing in Baghdad and Berlin.


Since 2005 the East West-Diwan Al-Masar has published numerous essays, studies and anthologies. It is the co-publisher of a total of 12 poetry collections,the prizewinning works of the Diwan Poetry Prize : www.diwanprize.com. East West - Diwan Al-Masar also publishes important works of German-language literature in Arabic translation.

Our publishing program includes:

  • useful books from significant world languages.

  • children books in order to discover and develop children’s talents.

  • collections of poetry and oriental studies.

  • German philosophy, as very few works of German philosophers have been translated from the original German editions.

Our goal is:

  • to produce knowledge and present it to the world as it has been done in Baghdad in 1258 and Andalus in 1492.

  • to enhance the cultural relationships between the East and the West through the publication of important works of literature in Arabic translation.

  • to work together renowned scholars and the best translators and editors in order to meet the highest standards in translation and publishing.