Iraq Day

December 18, 2009


IRAQ DAY - BBB Berlin meets Baghdad in Beirut





7:15 pm - Opening Exhibition

Bagdad in the Eyes of a German Orientalist
The photos of the Exhibition were taken by the German Orientalist Peter Heine in Bagdad during the 60th of the last century. Location: Main Hall

7:30 pm -Opening

Opening speech by Prof. Dr. Haase, Vice-president of the Cultural Foundation East West Diwan and Director of the Islamic Museum Berlin. Location: Main Hall

7:45 pm -Film Screening

Documentary Film: Books in Iraq between two Occupations (Baghdad 2009, 15 min)
This film was produced by the East West Diwan and the Iraqi Satellite Channel al-Deyar in 2009. The film is directed by Ahmed al-Mashhadany on the idea of Amal al-Jubouri. Location: Main Hall

 8:00 pm -Award Ceremony

West East Diwan Medal: Award Ceremony for the Lebanese author and translator Dr. Redwan as-Sayyed
The West East Diwan Medal is an honor for cultural creativity achievements and is given this year to Dr. Redwan as-Sayyed, it was also given the last years to the author and Nobel Prize winner Günther Grass as to the famous German Author Hans Magnus Enzensberger and other creative intellectuals. Location: Main Hall

8:30 pm - Poetry Lecture

Reading and lecture by the two winners of East West Diwan Poetry Award 2009 (dedicated to Mahmud Darwish), the Iraqi poets Marwan Adel and Hamed Mahmud ad-Dukhy. Location: Main Hall